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When considering a contractor for your bathroom remodel project it is important to find one who is licensed and who deals extensively with residential bathroom remodeling.

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At Texas Building Pros we specialize in Bathroom Remodeling in both design and installation. We handle the entire project from ideas and concepts through obtaining permits for electric, plumbing, and construction.The bathroom is one of the most “personal” rooms in any house. It serves the dual purpose of being a place for personal hygiene as well as a place for rest and relaxation, therefore a great deal of attention must be given to its design.

Top Trends to Make Your Bathroom a Retreat

Today’s lifestyle is one of high stress and pressure for many. Homeowners are looking for a break from hectic lifestyles and some choose to spend more time at home.

One way to “get away” while still remaining at home is to turn your bathroom into an in-home retreat. In addition to making your home more relaxing and enjoyable, you are enhancing your home’s overall beauty and value.

Consider the following trends when planning your bathroom remodeling project:

In Bathroom Remodeling Size Matters

The top bathroom design trend among homeowners is making the room larger. Homeowners are knocking out walls to make their current bath more functional and comfortable. Today’s baths need to be big enough to accommodate everything homeowners want to include, including bathroom furniture and a separate shower and bathtub.

Fixtures for Function

Today’s homeowner is looking to make the bath more comfortable, stylish and personal by using fixtures with more than one function. One popular trend is the separate shower and bath. A separate bath provides more flexibility in choosing a tub; either a free-standing bath or a relaxing whirlpool. Another hot trend in fixtures is above-counter sinks that serve as a sink as well as displayed art these are often made of artisan made glass with striking color and design.

Furniture Comes Into the Bath

Today’s bathrooms are equipped with more than just the traditional tub and sink. As homeowners increase the size of their bathrooms, they are experimenting with armoire for storage, music or television and even lounges for reading and relaxing. Vintage furniture is also making an impact in the bathroom. Homeowners are selecting vintage vanities and vintage or antique accessories such as towel racks or sitting chairs. Many manufacturers are creating fixtures that look and feel like furniture. Look through bathroom design magazines and furniture catalogs. These will all give you ideas for ways to incorporate furniture into the bathroom.

Stone, Wood, Glass and Chrome

Combining different materials is another hot design trend. Everything from glass, chrome and china can be found in baths across the country. For example, decorative glass above-counter basins are being offered in bold and beautiful colors that bring a dramatic look and feel to the bath. Glass tile is also emerging as a favorite material for the bath. Homeowners are designing showers with glass tile in ocean colors to create a beach-inspired atmosphere. Some homeowners are even opting to combine glass and porcelain tiles to create accents or borders that are more affordable. Even stainless steel is making its way into the bath, as designers incorporate stainless steel in sinks, medicine chests, bathtubs and shower walls. Because the look of stainless steel is fairly cold, don’t overdo it-a natural stone element in the room can add warmth and texture.

A Splash of Color

While white is still the most popular fixture color, adding a little color to a bathroom is as easy as a hand-painted sink or a new paint color to the walls. Choose colors that suit your personality and enhance your environment. Natural colors are the most versatile, but designers are incorporating some bolder colors such as red, blue, forest and emerald green and terra cotta and rust. These colors are used in everything from the paint to decorative tiles. This is another opportunity to look through design magazines and see what most appeals to you and then decide how to replicate that look in your very own bath.

Pick the Right Contractor

As always, it is best to work with a certified designer and licensed contractor who will take you through the stages of your bathroom transformation. It’s amazing what you can do with your existing bathroom space with so many incredible bathroom fixture and style options now available.

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