Media Room Design

Texas Building Pros has a wide range of home media room design ideas for a home theater, TV room, movie room, or even a game room in your house or basement. Whether it is interior decor, media room furniture, design images, seating or technology tips we are to help. Specifics include home theater lighting, audio issues, choosing the right space and complete remodel or new construction for your cinema room etc.

Home Theaters

With the busy and fast-paced life of today people are starting to make their homes the center of entertainment. Coupled with rising costs they are forsaking outside entertainment such as movies or theaters in favor of staying in. Media rooms are becoming an important part in this decision. Traditionally these were designed and installed in windowless rooms such as the basement but you do not have to be limited to this. More and more people are considering other option such as converting a dining room into this most sought after space. Whatever your vision consider these points before embarking on your own media place.

Family Style or Theatre Style

There are no real trends on this and the choice will come down to your own eclectic tastes and the mood you are trying to create. There is a large array of specifically designed theatre style seating out there – full reclining, tilt front concealed cup holders, leather or fabric upholstery, and even massage motion. Alternatively you can just use everyday sofas and chairs instead. To gain a true theatre like experience though, and allow everyone their own space, individual chairs are probably the best way to go whether they are set independently or in rows.

Open or Concealed Storage

This is a very important aspect of any home theater or media room design. Make sure this is planned into any design at an early stage and not added as afterthought. Whether it is a collection of DVDs, videos, or entertainment related materials you are going to want to have them kept conveniently placed and / or concealed. Often in locating the screen it is a good idea to consider building a cabinet around it to house not only the electronic components but also your tapes and disks.

Half the fun in going to the movies is getting popcorn, obscenely sized sodas, and ridiculously expensive candy. Think what about adding a corner popcorn cart, or ensuring there is room for a small refrigerator.

Electronic Componentry

This is usually the reason a media room is created to start with, it is a fascination with technology! Whether you install a top end custom system, a mid-range Bose, or a Best Buys consider all the options. Establish important critical dimensions such as how many feet is optimal viewing from the size screen you are considering. Know how many and the best placement of speakers (wall or ceiling). Determine if additional insulation will be needed to avoid the rooms upstairs shaking and rolling from an intense action sequence! Don’t necessarily get the latest and alleged greatest, get the most appropriate for your space and best for your investment.

Movie Theme

This can be the fun aspect of your design making use of posters from your favorite movies.


Yes, pitch black, inky kind of darkness is a requirement for viewing, but it is also important that you have flexible lighting for the room in general. Dimmers are preferred for everything but also consider your lightning to be controlled remotely. Sconces, recessed lights, and possibly cabinet lighting flanking the screen should also be a part of the design planning.

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